Welcome to the 2013 World Academy Forum on Global Higher Education website. The next World Academy Forum will be organized in 2015 Please come back to this website soon for updated information on the next forum and visit www.wunicon.org for more information on World University Consortium.

The World Academy of Art and Science, founded by eminent thinkers in 1960, is inviting a small group of far-sighted thinkers from academia, business, government and civil society to join us for a roundtable discussion to enquire into the future of global higher education, share your ideas and learn from others as we explore the possibilities.

World Academy Forum on Global Higher Education will bring together leading-edge educators, universities, MOOCs, technology providers and other stakeholders to brainstorm new models and creative solutions for establishing a world-class system of higher education available to all humanity and to forge an international alliance of stakeholders to make it happen (please see the website dedicated to this initiative:
World University Consortium

Recognizing the huge, rapidly expanding gap between educational needs and resources, the resulting deficiencies in development of precious and perishable human potentialities, and the consequent incalculable losses for individuals, families and communities, which can only be remedied by a massive global effort to meet the challenge, the World University Consortium will seek to develop innovative strategies for enhancing accessibility, affordability, quality, creativity and relevance in the field of higher education at the global level.


The UC Berkeley Forum is an integral component of the Academy’s broader program to evolve a New Paradigm for Human Development able to fulfill the aspirations of all human beings.


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Cal Alumni Association
UC Berkeley

1 Alumni House, Berkeley, CA

 When:  October 2-3, 2013
from 9 am to 5 pm
 Register:  Click Here